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 EMSRV8 - Emsg Server for Intranets v8.0.0
EMSRV8 - Emsg Server for Intranets v8.0.0
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August 1, 2016

For high volume & availability requirements, implement direct access to messaging networks with Emsg Server.

Install the Emsg for Intranets Edition software on your own Microsoft Server to provide an "in-house" messaging solution that works alongside your existing Email and Intranet applications sending & receiving text messages.

Choose a powerful Microsoft SQL Server database or Access Mdb, then seamlessly integrate messaging into your applications withconcurrent access to multiple messaging networks.

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Key Benefits
• No software to install on client PCs
• Easy to use web-browser client interface
• Extensive logging and drill down capability
• Search by groups, names, job positions or locations
• Shows users duty status or location

Price: (NZD) $23,000.00 including GST
 Link: www.emsg.co.nz/
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