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 EV400 - Emsg Smartword™Key
EV400 - Emsg Smartword™<I>Key</I>
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February 1, 2019

Our Smartword™Key delivers 3-step user authentication for your Web App in the Cloud

100% GUARANTEE that the correct mobile number is returned to your App

No need to integrate complex sms/txt handling into your app, use our easy validation api instead for instant verification of your users’ mobiles

Smartword™Key is the lowest cost solution for txt authentication, with high level security and no setup fee


• Self-provision online
• 1hr free phone consultation
• Users Txt your Smartword™ to get a Key
• 4-128characterKey valid for 1hr to 90days
• Success notifications

Pricing Model (excl. GST)
• $150 deposit to setup
• $20/mth Account Fee
• Low transaction fee

Price: (NZD) $172.00 including GST
 Link: drive.google.com/
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